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    Refinery & Petrochemical Process

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    Coal Power

James Industries Inc. is a manufacturers’ representative company dedicated to serving the Power, Midstream and Hydrocarbon Process Industries of Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico & Mississippi. We pride ourselves in providing unparalleled service by helping our customers solve complex challenges. Get in touch with a sales rep today — we’re looking forward to serving you.



Blome International –

High performance Coating and Lining solutions for severe industrial conditions. Vinyl Esters, 100% Solids Epoxies, Polymer Concretes,Furans, Polyurethanes, Power, Refining and Chemical Process


Catalytic Combustion Corporation –

Gas Turbine Catalysts and Reciprocating Engine Emissions Control. American Made, ISO 9001, Privately owned and operated, CCC is celebrating 70 years in the catalyst business. Services include GT Sulfur Resistant CO Catalyst, De-NOx SCR Catalyst for Gas & Diesel Engines, Inspection, Testing, Cleaning, and Catalyst Recycling.

Chanute Manufacturing –

Modules and Harps for Heat Recovery Steam Generators. Fossil Boiler tubular pressure parts including Superheaters, Reheaters, Economizers, and Evaporators.


Cust-O-Fab –

Field Construction Services for HRSG’s, Fossil Boilers, High Energy Piping, and ASME Code Vessels and Heat Exchangers. Gas Turbine Inlet and Exhaust Equipment; Filter Houses, Plenums, Ductwork and Silencers.

Evapco Dry Cooling –

New Construction Air Cooled Condensers (A Frame, Advanced Technology™ ACC, nuCore™ Heat Exchangers) and Hybrid Wet/Dry Systems. Aftermarket Repairs, Thermal Upgrades, Tube Bundle Replacements, Fin Tube Cleaning Systems, Winterization Systems, Windwalls and Parts (Fans, Motors, Gearboxes)

EvapTech –

Cooling Towers: New Construction, Field Repair/Rebuilds, Replacement Parts, Construction Services & Inspections. FM Approved, Field Erected Mechanical Crossflow & Counterflow Cooling Towers & Hybrid Wet/Dry Cooling Systems.

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Howden Americas –

Regenerative air preheater product line of Howden Americas. Products include packaged air preheaters, baskets, and seals for Ljungtstrom and Rothmuhle air heaters. Field services include turnkey construction for air heater repairs, inspections and basket replacements.


Kraft Werks Engineering –

Heavy Duty Chain Conveyors for Ash & Material Handling Systems. Formerly Howden/TLT Babcock


Optimus Engineered Products –

Watertube and Firetube Waste Heat Recovery Boilers, Thermal Reactors, Sulfur Recovery Boilers, Economizers, Superheaters and Rotor Air Coolers.


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Ovivo –

Water & Wastewater Treatment Technologies: Brackett Green Intake Screens, Rotary Debris Filters, Drum Screens, Brackett Bosker Automatic Raking Systems, Eimco/Envirotech/Dorr Oliver Clarifiers/Thickeners, Automatic Tube Cleaning Systems, Fish Guidance Systems




Precision Hose & Expansion Joints –

For 40 years, Precision has specialized in Flexible Hose, Fabric, Metal and Rubber Expansion Joints. Precision is ISO 9001 certified. Gas Turbine Exhaust Systems, Utility Boilers, HRSGs, Waste Heat Boilers, Flue Gas Ducting, Heat Exchangers, Process Piping and more.




Prime Turbine Parts LLC –

Dedicated Turbine Parts Professionals serving the Hydrocarbon Process, Midstream, and Utility Industry of North America. Responsive, Reliable and Cost Effective are Prime’s ethos. GE Heavy Duty Gas and Steam Turbines; Buckets, Nozzles, Shrouds, Compressor Blading, Bearings, Seals, Valve Parts and Consumable items; Bolting, Gaskets, Filters, Thermocouples, Generator Seals, Flex Hoses, etc.

Turbine Parts Here!

Steel Nation Buildings, Inc. –

North America’s top industrial designer, supplier, erector, and maintenance provider for pre-engineered metal buildings in a variety of industrial markets including Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Refining, and Power. Core competencies include sound mitigation and custom ventilation systems for all industrial building applications. 

Torishima Pump Company –

Specialty Water Pumps for Boiler Feed (Barrel and Ring Section), Circulating Water (Axial and Mixed Flow), Condensate, Closed Cooling Water, Cooling Tower Recirculation, BWCP, etc.


Toshiba America Energy Systems –

Toshiba’s Milwaukee Service Center (MSC) is equipped for all turbine generator service needs. Generator services include rotor and stator repairs, rewinds, rewedge, retaining rings, and high speed balance. The MSC is Toshiba’s North American OEM Fleet Center of Excellence.

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TurbinePROs LLC –

Comprehensive field labor services for heavy duty steam and gas turbine/generators. These include installation, maintenance, repairs, upgrades, open clean and close, pre-outage planning, technical direction, diaphragm repairs, alignments, valve refurbishments and a host of other field services.