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    Our Customers

We represent 15 elite principal manufacturer companies. Please select your area of interest:



Babcock Power Services (BPS) –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., BPS can provide engineering services, manufacturing, and construction for maintaining fossil-fired steam generating boilers. BPS provides sole sourced solutions utilizing the experience of Riley Power, Boiler Tube Company of America, and TEi Construction Services.



Blome International –

High performance Coating and Lining solutions for severe industrial conditions. Vinyl Esters, 100% Solids Epoxies, Polymer Concretes,Furans, Polyurethanes, Power, Refining and Chemical Process

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Boiler Tube Company of America (BTA) –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., BTA has designed, fabricated, and installed specialty boiler pressure parts since 1918. BTA can provide components for all styles and sizes of boilers, regardless of the OEM. These components include Superheaters, Reheaters, Economizers, and Waterwalls, 360 Inconel Weld Overlay, and IMTEC Flexiseal Doors.

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Howden North America (HNA) –

James Industries Inc. represents the regenerative air preheater and TLT Babcock bottom ash chain conveyor departments of Howden North America. Products include packaged air preheaters, baskets, and seals for Ljungtstrom and Rothmuhle air heaters. Field services include turnkey construction for air heater repairs, inspections and basket replacements.

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Industrial Services Group (ISG) –

ISG specializes in high performance lining/coating solutions and utilizes its three sister companies: Universal Blastco, Compositech, and Unimech. Universal Blastco specializes in FGD absorber linings (roll-on, spray-on or applied) FRP, carbon fiber, ceramic, glass, brick or tile. Compositech does fabricated FRP piping, tanks, headers, ductwork, and stacks. Unimech does all the mechanical, electrical and instrumentation installation.

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International Cooling Tower (ICT) –

New Mechanical Draft Cooling Towers (FRP Counterflow & Crossflow); Aftermarket Services: Inspections/Audits, Repairs, Rebuilds and Parts (Mechanical, Fill Media, Drift Eliminators)



Prime Turbine Parts LLC (PTP) –

Gas and Steam Turbine Renewal Parts; Heavy Duty GT Capital and Non-Capital Parts; Valve Stems, Bushings, Seal Rings, Bolting Hardware


Riley Power Inc. –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., Riley Power designs and manufactures steam generators and fuel firing equipment. They can also provide low NOx burners, pulverizer parts, roll wheel overlays, pulverizer journal and burner tip rebuilds. Field engineering services include inspections and condition assessments.


Senior Flexonics Pathway (SFP) –

SFP specializes in expansion joints (fabric & metal), dampers (guillotine, louver, butterfly), gas turbine diverters, and SCR bypass flaps. On site services include installation, inspection, and repair for the petrochemical and power generation industries.


SPX Dry Cooling –

Air Cooled Condensers (Direct Dry SRC®, Hexacool®, Module Air®), Indirect Dry Cooling Systems, and Air Cooled Heat Exchangers


TEi Construction Services Inc. (TEiC) –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., TEiC provides construction services for installation, maintenance, and alteration of boilers, HRSG’s, boiler tubing, air heaters, critical steam piping, low nox burner retrofits, feedwater heaters, condensers, heat exchangers etc. TEiC has experience in the Power Generation, Pulp & Paper, and Petrochemical Industries.


TEI Struthers Wells –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., TEi Struthers Wells is a leading provider in design and manufacturing of heat recovery equipment including Process Waste Heat Boilers, HP Heat Exchangers, Fired Heaters. Servicing the following process applications: Ammonia, Sulfur Recovery, Ethylene, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Methanol, Flue Gas Cooling, Hydrogen, Reactor Effluent Cooling, Sulfuric Acid, Incineration, Nitric Acid.


Thermal Engineering International Inc. (TEi) –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., TEi is the leading provider in engineering services and heat transfer equipment. This auxiliary equipment includes feedwater heaters, surface condensers, condenser modules, heat exchangers, and MSRs.



Toshiba America Energy Systems & Milwaukee Service Center –

Milwaukee service center is equipped for all your turbine and generator service needs. Generator services include rotor and stator repairs, rewinds, rewedge, retaining ring replacements, and high speed balance. Milwaukee Service Center also specializes in turbine blading and parts.

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TurbinePROs LLC –

TurbinePROs specializes in field labor services for heavy duty steam and gas turbine generators. These services include installation, maintenance, repairs & Overhauls, upgrades, open clean and close, pre-outage planning, technical direction, diaphram repairs, alignments, valve refurbishments and a host of other field services. TurbinePROs has extensive experience for all OEM rotating equipment including gas, steam, hydro, and nuclear.


Vogt Power International (VPI) –

As a part of Babcock Power Inc., VPI is capable of providing parts and engineering services for all HRSGs regardless of OEM. These include complete module replacements, superheaters, evaporators, economizers, CO/SCR systems, casings and seals. Field services include failure analysis, modeling, and inspections.