Process Heat Transfer & Recovery


TEI Struthers Wells –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., TEi Struthers Wells is a leading provider in design and manufacturing of heat recovery equipment including Process Waste Heat Boilers, HP Heat Exchangers, Fired Heaters. Servicing the following process applications: Ammonia, Sulfur Recovery, Ethylene, Fluid Catalytic Cracking, Methanol, Flue Gas Cooling, Hydrogen, Reactor Effluent Cooling, Sulfuric Acid, Incineration, Nitric Acid.



Thermal Engineering International Inc. (TEi) –

As a company of Babcock Power Inc., TEiĀ is the leading provider in engineering services and heat transfer equipment. This auxiliary equipment includes feedwater heaters, surface condensers, condenser modules, heat exchangers, and MSRs.