Turbine/Generator Parts & Services


Steam Specialties Inc. (SSI) – Steamspecialtiesinc.com

As a part of Turbine Services Ltd. Group, Steam Specialties provides steam turbine renewal parts for GE & Westinghouse turbines including: Valve stems, bushings, seal rings, packing rings, steam deflectors, bolting hardware, bearings, etc. All that is needed to quote are part numbers.



Toshiba America Energy Systems & Milwaukee Service Center – Toshiba.com

Milwaukee service center is equipped for all your turbine and generator service needs. Generator services include rotor and stator repairs, rewinds, rewedge, retaining ring replacements, and high speed balance. Milwaukee Service Center also specializes in turbine blading and parts.

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TurbinePROs LLC – Turbinepros.com

TurbinePROs specializes in field labor services for heavy duty steam and gas turbine generators. These services include installation, maintenance, repairs & Overhauls, upgrades, open clean and close, pre-outage planning, technical direction, diaphram repairs, alignments, valve refurbishments and a host of other field services. TurbinePROs has extensive experience for all OEM rotating equipment including gas, steam, hydro, and nuclear.



Turbine Services, Ltd. Group – Turbineservices.com

While Steam Specialties provides parts for steam turbines, Turbine Services provides heavy duty gas turbine parts. These include: Buckets, nozzles, combustion liners, transition pieces, bolting hardware, compressor blading, bearings, seals, DLN fuel nozzles, etc.